How to Choose a Psychic

How to Choose a Psychic Reader or Medium

In Person or Online?

The psychic or medium you pick is very important. It will impact on your experience during the reading, and the information you receive. You might think it’s not important but it is, and not everyone functions the same. First, some basic information on the two, and how to choose a psychic.

To a certain extent, everyone is a psychic and a medium. People who consciously choose to connect, become more skilled in the art, and appear more psychic than others. Think of it more like training and exposure that makes you more talented rather than a marvellous ‘gift’ to admire. Those that deny the connection become overly sceptical and spend endless energy avoiding the truth.

In general terms, a psychic is someone who receives messages from the universe and conveys them to the living. A medium is someone who communicates with those no longer in the physical form. Of course, life is not that black and white, and how we perceive things influences us. I believe we are all a bit of both.

At the time of writing this, I am not a medium in the accepted sense. I will probably move in that direction with time, but while I do sometimes babble to a few dead folk, I cannot hear them except through Cartomancy, or sometimes thoughts in my head. I sense more than I see, so to speak.

Should you get a reading online or in person?

Times are changing, and we adapt and move on — psychics included. There are reasons for both to exist, so neither is better or worse. The quality of the reading by someone genuine should remain constant. Still, here are some of my personal thoughts.

If you can, go to a psychic in person. We are losing personal contact with each other, and it’s by design. While the Internet has offered us greater options and even comforts, it sometimes positions itself between real life and fantasy. It is diluting the strength of personal relationships. A reading in person is more powerful as the energies are much closer to the card reader. An online reading is great because you can do it from the comfort of your own home, but sometimes it does make it harder to connect.

Energies travel, and they are not limited to the mind of man. I am capable of sending out a wave of energy across the planet. Similarly, we can all connect at great distance through our intent. The wonderful option of doing a reading online is that you can choose from a wide range of spiritual guidance counsellors. I dare say that you could even sit down for a reading with me, and at present I am still living in Ireland.

Pick a Psychic

Some people are just in the business to make money, and that goes without needing any further clarification. Others are there to help, and the rest are a combination of both. People in this field need to earn a living too. Energy must flow or it stagnates. Payment for working in the spiritual realm is an exchange of energy. There must be balance for harmony to occur.

My advice is to pick a spiritual advisor with your ‘gut’ feel. It’s all very well and good to do research, but what is the universe telling you? What is your very first thought about a person? Don’t question it, and go with that impression. Pick me! Pick me! Nah, I’m just kidding.

The first psychic I went to was very good and accurate. She saw scenes for my distant future that only I had seen in my mind. She described the house I was about to buy at the time. She even told me I would buy it with only pennies in my pocket. All this was true. I bought a house without having any money or even a mortgage, but that’s a story for another day.

Would I recommend that you go to her? No. There was a negativity about her that I felt, but only understood years later. She genuinely saw future events, but I don’t believe she practiced for the right reasons. It was just a way to make money. If all you want are quick answers, then that is the person you should go to.

When I asked her about my own psychic abilities, she told me I had none. Why would she say that when everyone does have a connection? Was it out of fear of competition, and perhaps spite? Did she see things she was jealous of … who knows.

Whom would I suggest instead? Well, someone like the woman who taught me. The late Edna Czeriek was an amazing crystal healer and psychic. She was a wonderful combination of the love of helping people, and earning a living. Would I recommend myself? Probably not for most people. Why?

My Spiritual Brand

My brand of help has always been proactive. I won’t take money for doing nothing or taking the easy route. I prefer to help those with a genuine desire to learn and morph into a better version of themselves. It’s not for everyone. Many simply want pleasant answers and easy choices. Life isn’t always that way. Sometimes it’s a difficult learning curve.

I try my best to be positive, but I won’t lie or tell only the convenient parts simply to make money and keep my clients happy. For that, I’ll send you somewhere else. I don’t keep that brand of reading in stock. I believe in guiding people through negative situations with positivity. There is one constant, and that is that everything changes. Just as the good passes, so does the bad.

I’m here to help you through the tough times and show you the way to the truth in order for you to experience the joy of growth. That is the ultimate goal for me, but not for all cartomancers. It’s not for me to tell people how to run their businesses and lives, but I believe the path of any healer or spiritual guide is to show you the path, and send you off on your merry way. Any true teacher’s goal is to do his job so well that he ends up out of work. What a wonderful world that will be!


Having recurring business is great, but in this field, it can turn into dependency, which is the opposite of what I teach. I also studied shrincology, but that too can turn into an unhealthy dependency. Dependency is what keeps us from evolving into something even more beautiful.

In life, we must find our own way, and do the work before us in order to be happy. Someone else cannot make us happy. Similarly, a psychic should not become a crutch for the client either.

If it sounds as if I’m talking myself out of work, I’m not. If you are still reading, then you probably agree with my philosophies. Perhaps not today, but in the future you might need my services, and you’ll return for some guidance. The type of person whom I would not recommend myself to will have stopped reading ages ago, and is already on another site, as it should be.

A Soul Advisor

Although I am not fond of titles and strict definitions when it comes to spiritual matters, I suppose I am what is called a soul advisor and spiritual counsellor. This is a spiritual shrincology of sorts.

I believe it is more important to concentrate on your own life — particularly life in the physical body — than on those who have departed. While they can give us valuable information, the most important aspect of life is to live. Live for the future, and how we get there is the key.

Cartomancy and spiritual guidance is a tool to assist us with our challenges. It helps us to overcome what holds us back from a fuller earthly experience. I am not a fatalist. I believe you are the pilot of your own life. Where are you headed, and why are you going there? It’s easier when you understand, and you can plot a course. You might even invite someone to join you on the roller coaster of life.

This is how you choose a psychic or cartomancer. You will just ‘know’.

So, how can I help you today?


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