June 2022 Love Reading (Cartomancy/Tarot)

June 2022 Love Reading (Cartomancy/Tarot)

June 2022 Love Reading:

Pick a Pile Reading

What is on the cards for June 2022 as far as love is concerned? Let’s find out, shall we? For clickable timestamps please view directly on YouTube.

03:05 ► Reading 1 (Joker/Blue)
08:54 ► Reading 2 (8 Hearts/Red)
16:55 ► Reading 3 (6 Hearts/Green)

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About Cartomancy:

Cartomancy is a form of tarot. It’s a spiritual card reading or divination, but I’m not a fortune teller. Instead, I prefer to use the cards as a guide. Think of it as spiritual guidance. It’s also crucial to bear in mind that things are not set in stone. Those that seek absolutes will often waste their lives proving that it doesn’t work. If you want the lottery numbers, they are always available to you at the time of the draw.

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