What to Ask a Psychic

What to Ask a Psychic

Great Questions for Psychic Readings

Want to know
what to ask a psychic? What are some great questions for psychic readings? You would think that this would be a no-brainer, but I have found many people struggle to ask questions during a reading. This article should help you formulate good questions to ask tarot cards or a card reader about career, love, and everything else.

How to Ask Questions in Tarot Readings

First, why are the tarot reading questions you ask important? Well, it keeps the information pertinent, and direct. If the question is vague, or ambiguous, it can lead to the wrong answer. Let me give you a simple example: if your question is about ‘hot dogs’, but you only ask about ‘dogs’, you get a reply about canines instead of food.

This might sound daft, but remember that we are all human. Spirit guides are also just human — simply without a human body. We all make mistakes, and that includes guides too. A psychic reading isn’t a test of super powers. It’s a way of getting spiritual guidance. The more direct you are, the faster, and the more accurate the answers will be.

Questions to Ask Tarot Cards About Your Crush

Which are the best questions to ask tarot cards about your crush? You might be surprised at my on-going question; “Does your crush even know you like him or her?” You might be laughing, and saying that that is my job to find out, but we are not ‘psychic’ … so to speak. What we do is tap into the available energies that sometimes offer us clues or even answers. Instead, rather ask questions like these:

“Does my crush know I am interested?” If he or she does know, proceed to the next question.

“Does my crush have romantic feelings for me?” If the answer is yes, proceed.

“Will this relationship bring me what I need from my partner, and some of what I want?”

“Will this relationship be good for me?” Depending on the answer, ask more questions.

“Are these lessons something I need to learn, or are they pointless in my overall development?”

“Is there someone arriving in my life that is better for me than this person?” This question is more important than you might think. It might be time for you to move on.

What to Ask a Psychic About Love

Asking about petty things does not serve you, and it may well annoy the psychic you are consulting. Avoid this as you want the energy to be readily flowing and relaxed. I am asked these questions many times, and my kneejerk reaction is always the same. “Will I meet someone?”; “Is there love coming for me?”; “Will I fall in love?” They are all pointlessly vague as the answer is almost always yes.

It’s better to ask about ourselves rather than other people, and how they feel about us. It helps us to take charge, and take back our internal power. These sort of questions will direct traffic and get to the root of the challenge or situation.

“Am I ready for love to enter my life?” If yes, then proceed.

“Am I on the right path to reach my goal of being in a healthy relationship?” If the answer is no, then ask the next question.

“What do I need to work on to manifest the right kind of relationship?”

“Will I be in a relationship in the near future?” Ask if it will be a healthy situation.

“Is this a long-term relationship?” Of course, if you do not wish for permanence, ask the opposite. It’s about being true to your desires.

Good Tarot Reading Questions to Ask

What to Ask a PsychicWe often ask all sorts of pointless questions, and I say this will all kindness in my heart. Before you ask the question, ask yourself if there is any value in the answer. Again, let me use a silly example: “Will my next dog be black or brown?” Does the fact that you are getting an animal based on colour suggest you are making the wrong decision?

Some better questions are based on us as the topic, and our reality. With this in mind, ask questions relating to you, your path, your development, and what you can do to bring about the future you desire. Try these questions on for size.

“What does the universe/guides/etc. wish for me to know today?”

“What aspect of my life do I need to work on right now?”

“Am I making good progress to achieve my goals?”

What to Ask a Psychic About Career

Many people want to know the future of their jobs, careers, or businesses. The challenge is that they do not ask key questions. Instead, they tend to ask vague questions about things like ‘success’. I have to mention that success is a subjective topic. How you perceive success will be different to another person.

Some will ask, “Will I get a raise at the end of the year?” To that I ask, “Have you asked for one?” By asking, I mean the boss, the universe, or anyone! Do you see what I mean? You don’t ask, you don’t get! You need to be proactive. If you don’t ask for a salary increase, the chances are slim that you will get any substantial increase in your finances. Some questions you might want to ask should include those about your own well-being.

“Is this career path right for me?”

“Does my current job suit my skills?”

“Is there room to grow in my current career or work situation?”

“Have I reached the end of my learning curve with my current position or career choice?”

General Readings Produce General Answers

By now, most of my clients and followers of my live streams have noticed I do not like general readings. There is a very simple explanation: they serve no purpose unless directed at some aspect of your life. If you ask for a general reading, you will get general nonsense.

If this were not enough, people then expect to get specific answers or more details about a general spread. It doesn’t work that way, and only occasionally is there a flash of information that comes through from the universe for you.

At least ask for a general reading on a specific area of your life. For example, focus on your career. It’s also important to have an idea of the time line. You might be asking generally from now until death, but the person reading usually works within a specific time frame. Mine is generally three months either in the past, or in the future. Do you see how miscommunication can occur when there is vagueness?

How to ask yes or no questions

I do like direct questions. You will see me ask many of them during my readings, so why beat about the bush? Just get in there, and narrow down the information. It’s important to be specific and stick with your initial choices. In other words, don’t ask about a three month time period and then expect it to apply to an entire year.

“Will I stay in this job until next year?”

“Is this good for me?”

“Will I be content with X?”

“Will my ex and I get back together,” and then more importantly, “Will we be happy together?”

In closing ….

I do hope that this helps you to decide what to ask a psychic about love, career, and everything else. If you are looking to do your own spreads, it should assist with questions to ask tarot cards directly. Always remember to be true to your intent, and honest with your choices before asking the questions, or shuffling the deck.


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